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Royal Feu

 His father, Lord Gordon by Almé Taviani, best father of four years in 1987, best father of six years in 1989, ranking 2nd standards, behind Great Hunter, had a remarkable production: Rox de la Touche, BSO + 30 (0.54), and ISO 157, and Rolling Stone, ISO 170.Sa mother Taviani by Burns and All Effluviale was one of the best mares of her generation CSO 50158F total earnings in 1972.

Mother neurin by Laudanum (PS) and Ramona F, 185000F total GT, ISO 151 (1990), BSO +21 (0.52), to breeding at 3 years, Royal has produced fire and started the competition at age 6. Consistently ranked in Grand Prix. His father Laudanum produced Nashville (ISO 164), Oberon du Moulin (ISO 163), Plue Value (ISO 140), Pamela Pine (ISO 131), Quool, 6th in the championship, the Grand Criterium 8th of 6 years (ISO146) , Quastourelle, winning the championship six years (ISO 144), in more than 91 350000F, Raspail, 2nd championship of France 1990, more than 800000F of total earnings. Laudanum is on the list of standards Purg-blood fathers winners in CSO.

His 2nd mother, Ramona F by Cassowary (AA) and Upper Shore has also produced: Kelphégor II Belphegor IV in 1976, IDR 131, ISO 121, Lady Bird by Belphegor IV in 1977, ISO 124, and Mano by Night and Day, ISO 126 in 1978, Plum Bosc which crashed at 1 year has produced among others Tonic III, ISO 129; Umour Bai ISO 171, Grand Prix winner and CSI (Maubeuge 1995), purchased in 1996 by Mickaël Whitaker (3rd in the FEI Grand Prix Volvo Dortmund) and Cookie III winner in B1 to 7 years.

BSO +29 (0,54) - ISO 151. Holder of 8 years of ISO 142 performance, very powerful, Royal Fire , has bestowed its owner, Romain Lecuyer, dramatic benefits in 1st class. They all move in the second half since 1993 class with great success. It is classified as A1 Grand Prix in 1995, the second A1 Grand Prix of Vauptain. Since 1996, his career is devoted mainly to reproduction. In 1997, 12 outputs B1: 3 wins.

25% of its production of 7 years and over more than 130 indexed and 18% to over 140

Diabolo of Ysieux finalist at Fontainebleau at 5 and 6 (ISO 167) and ridden by Michel Robert in 1998, including wins the GP of Moscow RG BENGTSSON. Diam's III qualified in Fontainebleau 5 and 6 (ISO 183), then sold to Hervé GODIGNON in 1998. It participates in the championship seven years, gaining in Dinard, ranks second in Biarritz in the Grand Prix of seven years and eighth in the finals at Fontainebleau. It confirms Joe FARGES USA its excellent results at an international level. Dalhia of Ysieux (ISO 134) described 4, 5 and 6. B1 ranks to 7 years. Ecume de Chatillon flawless in the final of five years (ISO 147). adze II (ISO 143) qualified with 10 FONTAINEBLEAU no fault of 13 attractions in 4 years to 6 years qualified and classified in B1 (4 outputs = 4 rankings) Fire Castle (ISO 156) sold 310,000 FF to 3 years sales Fences, double clear round to 4 years in Fontainebleau, a finalist in five years. Folisi Printanière, Cop Courcel, Felin of She, Furie Champagne finalist at Fontainebleau to 5 Galaxy Breuil (ISO 142) 3rd Championship of France three years, a finalist in four years. Hirison of Oak and Hiram Chambertin (ISO 139), 2 males 3 years old, have been purchased by the National Stud stallions to make, on sales of NASH October 98. B'neville King is vice champion of the highest standards in national competition three years in St Lô with the highest score on the obstacle. It was bought by the National Stud. Karl Castle gets record price market Fence 2001 with € 68 602 for a 3-year On the side of amateur products already successfully compete in class C, B and juniors. eCert, tow and Entourloupe the delight of their owners. 's foals Royal Fire are all signed with a beautiful expression, a particularly strong and supple back, and marked an instinct to prevent the image of their father and their grand- mother neurin .    
Lord Gordon Alme Ibrahim
Taviane Brûle Tout
Neurine Laudanum xx Boran xx
Monta Bella xx
Ramona F Casoar x
Haute Rive
Certified stallion

Approved for Selle Français Selle Français

Stud fee 500 € + 500 € bij dracht op 1/10/21

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