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Keros Inseminatie Center in Passendale
  • Westrozebekestraat 23A
  • T : +32 (0)51 77 88 10
    F : +32 (0)51 77 22 35

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    +32 (0)476 33 31 40

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    +32 (0)479 79 56 87
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Keros ET Center in Beselare
  • Hoenstraat 7a
    B-8980 BESELARE
  • F : +32 (0)51 77 22 35

    Gsm Hilde Vandaele:
    +32 (0)476 33 60 28
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Meet our team

Gaby Vandaele


Dr. Gaby Vandaele graduated at the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Gent in 1967. As a large animal veterinarian he accumulated a tremendous clinical knowledge in gyneacology and obstetrics. Over the years, his love for horses, first trotters then warmblood horses, pushed him to create, together with his wife Roza and his daughter Hilde, the Keros Equine Insemination Center. Thanks to his expert eye, Keros was able to offer some exceptional stallions to breeders. Gaby Vandaele is also an enthusiastic carriage driver. In the fall and winter, he spends time driving around the country side with his two hungarian carriage horses. Dr. Vandaele is also a walking encyclopedia of European bloodlines and an excellent resource for anyone needing advice on stallion choices.

Hilde Vandaele

DVM, Equine specialist

Dr. Hilde Vandaele (UGent, 1994) also made her debuts in large animal medicine with a strong emphasis on cattle infertility and obstetrics. From a very young age, she was in love with horses and when the time was right, it was a natural step in here professional carreer to become a certified equine specialist. Today, her attention is focussed on mare infertility and foal care. She regularly attends veterinary meetings on equine reproduction and has spoken at International meetings on mare infertility.

Dennis Necchi


Dr. Dennis Necchi (University of Milan, 1996) joined the team in the beginning of 2019 and is responsible for the embryotransfers at Keros.

Laura Giorgi


Micaela Vita


Dr. Micaela Vita (University of Barcelona, 2008) joined the team in the beginning of 2011. Since then she was, under the guidance of Dr. Peter Daels and Dr. Hilde Vandaele, also responsible for the embryo transplantation at Keros. Dr. Vita specialized since 2009 in horse reproduction and worked between 2008 and 2011 in Spain and Argentina.

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