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Helios de la Cour II

Hélios de la Cour was born in the De la Cour stud farm in 1995 and sired his first foals in 2001. Among them is the promising foal Noble de la Cour ( bred by one of his mother's sisters ).

He passes on his strengh, his mother's sound temperament, his father's blance and pugnacity.

His foals have a harmonious appearance. In the regional Breeding Mare Championship of Basse Normandie in Caen in 2002, 2 out of 4 of the mares who made it to the final had foals by Helios, the foals accounting for 50 % in the mare's total mark.

Hélios has an extraordinary fertility. Artificial insemination with chilled semen is available at the De la Cour stud farm for Euro 400 excluding VAT/taxes upon reservation and Euro 600 VAT/Taxes payable when the foal is born alive. Artificial insemination is also available with frozen semen.

In 2002, he covered 80 mares, out of which 76 were in foal !
In 2003, 140 mares were in foal
In 2004, 130 mares were in foal

The sire of Helios de la Cour , Papillon Rouge, is an international winner ISO 180 ( Show Jumping Index ) and has fathered many stallions and winners in Show Jumping Championships ( CSO )

His dam, Sissi de la Cour, another international winner ISO 170 won the National Criterium 1 st Category ridden by Eric Levallois in 1992. Hélios is the only foal she bred.

His grandmother Lady de la cour, sister of Kaline de la Cour ISO 151, bred :

. the stallion Ténor de la Cour, ISO 160, winner of the Danish Young Rider Show Jumping Championship ( CSIO ) and sires of International winners.

. Réjane de la Cour, dam of Brandy de la Cour HN ISO 143, Duc de la Cour ISO 144 and Elan de la Cour ISO 171.

. Ulane de la Cour, dam of Comtesse de la Cour ISO 146, Eveil de la Cour ISO 146 and Kaiser de la Cour which ranked 3 rd in the 4-year old championship in Canada where he was exported.

. Idane de la Cour, she won the Dressage Championship in St Lo at 3 years old and was placed at 4 years old and 6 years old. At 5 years old, she scored 19 clear rounds in 20 competitions. ISO 144.

His great-grandmother Up Lady won numerous Dressage Championships.

His great-great-grandmother, Noblesse de la Cour, the foundation broodmare of the stud farm, won the French Dressage & Breeding Championship in Paris in Paris in 1965, bred the international winner Alpha Romeo, Bambi de la Cour ISO 144 and Judith de la Cour ISO 144.

Helios is the result of an over 30-year process of selection of both dressage and jumping abilities in the bloodstream of our foundation broodmare.


At 3 years old, he won the Stallion Championship in June and October in St Lo in 1998.

At 4 years old, he qualified for the French Championships at Fontainebleau.

At 5 years old, 10 clear rounds in classic competition. At year-end, he forms a new couple with the rider Alexis Gautier.

At 6 years old, his performances soared and he finished 4 th in the 6-year-old Championship with an ISO of 145.

At 7 years old : a turning point : he started competing in small Grands Prix : ranked 4 th in Cholet, 5 th in Cabourg, he took part in the Dinard Grand Derby for the first time. The only 7-year-old competing, he finished with 12 points in a competition where there was no clear round. The same year, he covered 80 mares, out of which 76 were in foal.

At 8 years old, he started competing in Grands Prix and became Alexis Gautier's main competing horse. 140 mares were in foal.

At 9 years old, he wins Grand Prix de Villedieu Les Poeles and Grand Prix of Normandy Horse Show in St Lo. 130 mares are in foal.

Papillon Rouge Jalisco B Alme
Verboise Centaure du Bois
Sisi de la Cour Uriel Nankin
Jesabelle de Baugy
Lady de la Cour Starter
Up Lady
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