Vanity wint GP CSIO 4*-W Porto Alegre
Vanity wint GP CSIO 4*-W Porto Alegre
2013-10-07 11:21:56
Cylana (s. SKIPPY II) is "Paard van het Jaar"
Cylana (s. SKIPPY II) is "Paard van het Jaar"
2013-12-24 16:35:25
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10de Embryo Transfer Cursus

10de Embryo Transfer Cursus

Keros organiseert zijn 10de Internationale Embryo Transfer Cursus op 19 en 20 maart 2014.

10th Equine Embryo Transfer Course
19-20 March 2014 - Passendale, Belgium

Dates : Lectures on Wednesday March 19 (9:30-18:00). Practical exercises on Thursday March 20 (9:00-17:00)

Fees: Wednesday lectures 400 € (excl taxes). Wednesday lectures and Thursday lab sessions combined 1200 € (excl taxes) - Includes instruction, course material, breakfast, lunch, dinner on Wednesday. Thursday participants receive fee-reimbursement up to 1200€, at the rate of 150 € per shipped embryo sent to Keros in 2014 (lease of pregnant recipient mare paid by client).

Enrollment Limit: The practical exercises on Thursday are limited to 12 participants.

Language: English

Instructors: Peter Daels (U. Gent), Hilde Vandaele (Keros) and Kaatje Ducheyne (U. Gent)

Course Description: This course is designed to teach techniques for collection and transfer of equine embryos. Lectures will cover factors affecting recovery of embryos, synchronization and control of the estrous cycle, different non-surgical methods of embryo transfer, factors affecting recipient pregnancy rates and storage/shipment of embryos. Laboratory sessions will aid veterinarians in identifying and handling embryos and assessing embryo quality. Veterinarians will experience hands-on procedures for the recovery of embryos (one embryo collection per participant), manipulation of embryos, preparation for transport of embryos and non-surgical transfer (demo only). Upon completion of this course, practitioners should feel comfortable with the recovery, manipulation, packaging, and transfer of equine embryos. In addition, participants will have a complete overview of the material that is available for embryo transfer and understand its usefulness. Finally, the participants will have an insight into the organization of embryo transfer from insemination to transplantation.

Course Schedule: Wednesday: Lectures (9h30 to 18h00). Lectures will start at 9h30 sharp. Thursday: Practical exercises include embryo collection from mares bred for the course (1 per participant), embryo searching and manipulation, embryo preparation for shipment (hands-on) and embryo transfer (demo only). On Thursday, sessions will start at 9h00 and will end at 17h00 sharp.

Course Prerequisites: Participants should be veterinarians experienced in rectal palpation and ultrasonography and have a good understanding of reproductive physiology in the mare.

Registration: The number of participants is limited. Interested veterinarians should immediately contact Keros by phone, fax or e-mail and confirm their intend to participate.