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Aktion Pur Z

Aktion Pur Z was a vital link in Judy Ann Melchior´s sport career. He was one of the greatest sport horses ever and on two occasions was elected ‘Horse of the Year’ in the Global Champions Tour! Until this very day, Aktion Pur Z is the only horse in the entire world who has managed to stay clean in every GP of a complete GCT season! A unique performance and virtually impossible to emulate. That´s the exact reason for Aktion Pur Z´s popularity with top-class riders who are also into breeding, and with breeders who keep close tabs on the sport. Breeders use Aktion Pur Z to add explosive capacity to high-blooded mares and he produces strong and very athletic, compact horses.\r\n
Ars Vivendi Acord II Ahorn Z
Zerzie Aloube Z
Parodie Pilot Pilatus
Galathe Goldlack I
Certified stallion

Approved for Zangersheide Zangersheide , Westfalen Westfalen , Oldenburg Oldenburg

Stud fee € 300 + € 700 bij dracht op 90 dagen

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