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Welcome at Keros nv

Horsebreeding centre Keros is a certified reproduction centre in Passendale (West-Flanders province, Belgium). Through its continuous professionalization, Keros has acquired an excellent expertise and reputation in the field of artificial insemination (AI), embryo transfer, birth coaching and adoption of orphan foals.

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Latest news

21 Jul, 2017

Untouchable 27 x Chin Chin x Palestro

Raffiné van de Spoelewielen (UNTOUCHABLE 27 x Chin Chin xPalestro) 3 weken oud bij Pol Vandenberghe te Lendele...
20 Jul, 2017

Zondag 30 juli, Keros moeilijk bereikbaar

Zondag 30 juli, Keros moeilijk bereikbaar
18 Jul, 2017

Halfbroer Van Untouchable 27 wint Z- festival 5 jarige springpaarden

De halfbroer van Untouchable 27, "ESCAPE Z" wist het Z-festival van de 5 jarige springpaarden te winnen. Escape...

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